Restored JOY!!!

I AM Restoring JOY, He said. Sorrow has trumped My JOY. My JOY is your strength. JOY is a God given provision. The battle over our JOY is fierce. Unearthing His Joy amidst life’s difficulties requires Spirit led encouragement and revelation. God’s heart sees the need, for pain and loss to be washed away, tenderly turning the eyes of our hearts toward, the JOY of who He is. Through the lens of TRUST, we discover, His covenant promise to BE OUR JOY! TRUST IN HIM BIRTHS JOY!!! Releasing our hearts to CELEBRATE the JOY of who HE IS, NO MATTER WHAT our journey. John 15:11 declares, “That MY JOY may be in YOU, and that



Weds. November 20,2019

I heard this morning in prayer: I am opening the heavens. My promises are being released. Released to accomplish My will. My will for you and others will bear great fruit. The taste and see of MY WORD IS AT HAND!! Receive My promises to reveal, restore, and enlarge. With enlargement and increase comes a stretch. Stretch to include more of Me, more of My faithfulness. I am faithful and true. The truth will be seen. The evidence of who I am will be met face to face, heart to heart. Today, tomorrow and always I will always fulfill my promised words. Celebrate now the fulfillment of promises seen. Rejoice in me your creator. I am creating a new stage to deliver my promises, so all will see the truth  of who I am. REJOICE!REJOICE! AND SEE!!